Auerbach Resource Management

Auerbach Resource Management has provided consulting engineering and design innovative services to a diverse market of clients that range from Fortune 500 companies to small local business partners.

Global and National Resource Acquisition Consulting Services:

For over 37 years our founder and Chief Executive Officer of our company has provided new technological innovations to outstanding Fortune 500 clients such as, Xerox Corporation, General Electric, Gillette, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Charles Stark Draper Laboratories, Polaroid Corporation, Cooper Crouse Hinds Electrical Manufacturing and Lockheed Martin.

Whether it is educational, engineering administrative operations, commercial general contracting or the complexities of the medical field, Auerbach Resource Management is there to enhance and successfully implement the client's needs in an affordable and timely manner.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at 407.796.1939 for an open and helpful assessment of your requirements.

State and Local Clients within Florida

Auerbach Resource Management has successfully enhanced many of its local clients throughout Florida by assisting each of its clients through analytical assessment and implementation of acquisition resources for each unique project management challenge.

Our local clients are given a wide range of resource acquisition management programs that fulfill technical and administrative support techniques designed specifically for future developmental support and implementation. Milestone objectives are reviewed and implemented which enable each client to maximize the cost avoidance thus increasing profit parameters.

With unique innovative project management consulting, Auerbach Resource Management has become a key participant with its clients producing optimum utilization of direct and indirect support criteria necessary for timely and profitable completion of missions.

"Our success is attained by helping our clients succeed!"